Prepping for prep – the value of kindergarten

Starting Prep is a big step for both children and their families. There are new people to meet, new routines to embrace, and a formal education system to navigate.

That’s where kindergarten comes in, offering a play-based learning framework that bridges the gap between early childhood and the more formal structure of school.

Available to children who are at least four years of age by June 30 in the year that they start, kindergarten helps ready a child for school in a host of different ways.

Since universal access to kindergarten was first introduced in Queensland in 2008, it has helped prepare thousands of little people for a lifelong love of learning.

Here’s how it helps your child prepare for prep…

What is kindergarten?

Approved kindergarten programs are designed to support your child’s education journey through play-based learning.

In the process, they build physical skills, social skills, learning attributes and introduce children to concepts like literacy and routine.

Approved kindergarten programs are delivered by qualified educators and are based on Queensland kindergarten learning guidelines.

Literacy skills

Literacy is key to all education, with reading, writing and comprehension the basis of all areas of learning, including mathematics, science and the arts.

Kindergarten introduces children to literacy through fun initiatives like singing, learning the alphabet, story time and more.

It sets the foundations of literacy in a way that sees children engaged and involved.

Routine and structure

It’s a big jump to go into the routine of formal education where each school day is shaped by activities and tasks.

Kindergarten helps establish routine and structure in a way that highlights the fun elements of learning.

It sets children up to be comfortable in new surrounds and gives them confidence in their ability to master tasks.

In addition, it encourages them to shares their learning with those around them as part of an educational framework.


School is one part education and one part socialising where children are encouraged to interact with peers from different backgrounds, who might have different perspectives.

Kindergarten helps encourage children to socialise in new and meaningful ways, teaching them vital skills like sharing, respect, co-operation, and empathy.


One of the most important features of kindergarten is that it helps your child build resilience and confidence.

The program is designed to expose children to the early foundations of education, while also fostering a sense of independence, resilience, and autonomy.

When the time for Prep comes, this early exposure to education and discovery stands them in the best possible stead to embrace a lifetime love of learning.

Play-based learning

Perhaps the most important element of kindergarten is that the learning is play-based, with activities designed to introduce children to concepts like counting, letters, and educational discovery in a way that they enjoy.

As an accredited kindergarten provider, Nature’s Kids takes this discovery approach to a whole new level, with an environment that encourages children to get dirty, have fun and explore engaging surrounds.

You can learn more about our facilities and our educators, or head straight to our enrolment page here.