Our Facilities

Five Spacious Rooms

Our centre features five large air-conditioned rooms for each of our age groups. These are filled with play-based learning resources, activities and natural play materials to encourage curiosity and exploration and support all aspects of little ones’ development.

Separate Infants’ Area

Our littlest little ones enjoy a separate, secure playground and a large undercover play area, providing a safe, nurturing space where they can confidently explore and learn under the watchful eye of our dedicated team.

Nutritional Meals

Our Centre’s chef, Miss Clair, has worked at Nature’s Kids Early Learning for over 12 years and is passionate about sourcing local produce to provide fresh and healthy meals prepared on-site daily.

She also works in collaboration with our room leaders to facilitate our Junior MasterChef program, using children’s interests to promote healthy eating and valuable life skills.


Gardening Opportunities

These foster children’s understanding of where their food comes from. We have a number of raised garden beds on-site where children can plant and care for a range of veggies and herbs and then enjoy them as part of their daily meals. 

Water Play

Our water park allows children to explore their creativity, imagination and social skills while having a ton of fun on hot summer days.

Sustainability Program

Our educators promote sustainability across our daily routines and programs. Practising sustainability encourages children to develop an appreciation of the environment and its relationship to the big wide world out there.

Music Program

Children can extend their interest, vocabulary and literacy through fortnightly visits from Hey Dee Ho, who provide music, yoga, fitness and drama programs for little ones.

Junior MasterChef Program

Our Junior MasterChef program encourages hands-on food preparation experiences that promote healthy eating, a healthy relationship with food and a basic understanding of nutrition. 

Junior Ranger Program

Our Centre is also home to various animal friends, from chickens and ducks to guinea pigs and goats. Observing and interacting with animals is not only fun, it teaches children how to care for animals appreciate them in our natural world. 



6 weeks – 2 years


15 months – 2.5 years


2 years – 4 years


3 years – 4.5 years

Kindergarten room 

3.5 years – 6 years