Where Kalbar Children are Born to be Wild

Hello and welcome to Nature’s Kids Early Learning Centre.

Natures Kids Early Learning Centre and Childcare in Kalbur

Nature's Kids Learning Centre is a full-service childcare centre catering for children six weeks to six years of age.

Our Facilities

Our centre features three large rooms for each of our age groupings.  Our buildings are all newly appointed and air-conditioned.

Infants enjoy a separate, secure playground and a large undercover play area. The play area is stocked with ample toys and activities designed to help your child’s early development.

Everyone’s talking about our great catering facilities and the delicious meals prepared by our cook Clair. Your child will love the three nutritious meals served daily.

Our Educators

Studies have shown the early years are the most critical stages of children’s development. Our qualified and experienced educators will be committed to nurturing play-based learning through the guiding principles of the Early Years Learning FrameworkBelonging, Being and Becoming. They will also follow the certified National Quality Standard (NQS) for early childhood education which will help the children embrace a lifetime love of learning.

At Nature’ Kids Early Learning, getting dirty will be compulsory, shoes will be optional, and ‘real’ play will allow children to return to their ‘Wildhood’ and look forward to a future filled with amazing possibilities.

It’s a Whole New World Coming to Kalbar Kids

The great news is that at the upcoming newly renovated *Natures Kids Kalbar* resilience is something that can be nurtured in all children. Allowing them to be free, to be able to choose for themselves, to be allowed and able to resource their own play and learning, to entertain themselves. The centre’s outdoor environment is unique to the area in many ways. It has four sand pits, two large bike tracks, a waterpark, a large grassy area for children to run around in, a Barnyard, which is home to goats, chickens, ducks, guinea pigs, reptiles and a wide range of bird species. There’s even a Garden World where children learn how to plant, tend to, and eat a variety of herbs and vegetables.