Nature’s Kids Childcare Centre was built by Mrs Ethel Lobegeiger who is a resident of Moorang which is near Rosewood. Ethel has been a high school teacher for over 20 years and has three grown up daughters.

When Ethel was told of the need for a childcare centre in the Kalbar area, she thought this a great opportunity to provide for her community.

Ethel’s vision was a centre where children would feel comfortable with the outdoor environment including tending the vegetable patch. She envisioned a centre that would have educators that allowed children to learn at their own pace; a centre that would provide activities and learning experiences that would ‘take off the cotton wool’ and allow kids to be kids. Hence Nature’s Kids was born.

Ethel’s long term hope is that there will be a time in the future where Natures Kids will be in a position to support mission work in the Solomon Islands – a cause very close to Ethel’s heart.

Come and have a look at our wonderful Centre and see for yourself.